Malagasy wool… or how I start using local material

In one of my recent posts, I told you about my desire to use more and more local raw material. Talked about this natural cotton yarn of ours. Malagasy silk. Malagasy horn, leather, wood.. bla bla “The only way to be is to do”, or so I use to think. Started crochetting the yarn, creating … Continue reading

1. FAN

Looks like a fan… She is the first of the commercialized series. Seen on picture: Cotton (here, it’s called drill) ~ Beige with Orange stitching on handles ~ Bronze rivets on pans Was released in: Navy (Twice!!); White; Red; Parme; Pink; Mint green (think After Eight mint cream, not Mojito); Black ? Of course black; … Continue reading


The LONG… *Cotton *Size: 30*38*12 cm *Trimming: bronze I’m suspecting something about it… Will tell you later. All I can say is that… This one in Café Noir is my first in the Long series and the first day I sported her around, two gals were running behind her… “Gotta have this one”, “How much?”. … Continue reading