Malagasy wool… or how I start using local material

In one of my recent posts, I told you about my desire to use more and more local raw material. Talked about this natural cotton yarn of ours. Malagasy silk. Malagasy horn, leather, wood.. bla bla

“The only way to be is to do”, or so I use to think.

Started crochetting the yarn, creating motives, combinations. Then, after the sick days, had to halt the r&d part to fulfill the orders.

Here I am, landing a red cardigan order.

Red and Blue... Blue and red... Malagasy wool yarn

Had been some time my client talked about a wool cardigan for her daughter. I was looking for something nice for days, weeks until I found pure wool at Somacou. Took my client to the factory outlet to show her the stuff. Yippeeeee!  Clinched the deal as soon as I could find that wool.

That blue! Yep.. It's Malagasy, gals!

Why I like it (there):

– It allows me to create nice little things that wouldn’t ruffle hair and hairs,

– Their blue yarn is nice;

– It’s Malagasy (or so they told me at Somacou)

Was glad. Hope to be surprised like this many times in the future.

2 Responses to “Malagasy wool… or how I start using local material”
  1. Liliya says:

    That’s wonderful! Please, let me know if we could visit your workshop or possibly meet for a drink somewhere in Antananarivo: may be coming in October. Thank you! Regards!

    • Sy says:

      Thank you for your visits on my blog. OK, you could always leave me your futur address (in Tana) on my mail box. Business trip or leisure ?

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