3. Mimi!

Cutie Mimi ! Here in bright pink (or, according to me, «raspberry soup», provided raspberry is mashed then softened with cream). Here is my answer to those of my entourage which asked for a lightweight, girly model. More fantasy. Comment anyone ? Mimi in Violet It’s all about bows and pleats… Advertisements

5. Mimi got buttons

As foreseen, Mimi should get buttons. My baby goes into her puberty then. Am getting old! Please, reassure me it’s all in the head. Here she is under beaming Malaza sun; with her fuschia spots. *Material: dark denim, almost raw *Trimmings: fuschia buttons and silvery loops *Dimensions: 32cm*37cm Strap lentgh: 50 centimetres (still to confirm). … Continue reading

4. Rock!

A first  kick ever in this genre I use to like & find eternal. While Punk as a style has surely come back on the fashion track, rock  has always been there. At least in my books. Be it FM Rock, or with a more alternative twist (« What’s the Frequency, Kenneth ? », is rem that … Continue reading

6. Men… a satchel!

First Greenmorpho item ever dedicated to our lovely friends…. MEN! Funny thing, the satchel is named “besace” in French. In Wikipedia, I’ve read things about it: *« BESACE: bissac de mendiant » or “the beggar bissac (bissac being the term to name this type of bag which comprehends two bag in one, or so I … Continue reading