Loafers & shoulder bag

Hehehehe… Just happened I saw a glimpse of Vogue USA electronic edition on August tips. Rather talk about “tips” instead of “must-haves”, as if their says were diktats… Those are just stuffs interesting enough to know to be “up-to-date” (feeling myself ridiculous).  Still, since my return to Mada (dates back to end 2005), no Vogue … Continue reading

Mystic Green returns!

I’m so into revival and flashback these days. Browsing a 2009 magazine made me realize that dark green & blue hues were then hip again… Violet, aubergine, I do understand. As far as I remember, the amethyst-purple tide has lasted more than a year. Even aubergine, berries have been a visual background in magazines winter … Continue reading

My Hands: Bare & Moisturized

Yes, mine.  Here are my new tools. Not that I just bought them. It’s just crazy how much importance they’ve gained since the day I decided to design bags (as a job) and especially create models on my own. They’ve  never been as looked after as now. Daily moisturizing and evening massage around nail edge … Continue reading

Small victories are worth celebrating

Hourray! I’m the type who celebrates small victories (and, skip bigger ones’ ~ my graduation, for instance). Today, I’m celebrating the first ever subscription to my blog. Not less that that! You’d prolly not know what it is to start a blog and wait for comments… and even more:  subscriptions. Have been years since my … Continue reading

Flats return ! Hail to Imelda Marcos of Flats

9 cm+ heels era is over (is it ?), flat is the new killer heels. Flat, Flat, Flat! Ballerinas… has been in for a while already… Now, give room for masculine-feminine flats such as derby shoes, mocassins, richelieus. Real shoes with strings. Bulky, thin, both are great. Loafers too. As for me, no need to … Continue reading