Flats return ! Hail to Imelda Marcos of Flats

9 cm+ heels era is over (is it ?), flat is the new killer heels. Flat, Flat, Flat!

Ballerinas… has been in for a while already… Now, give room for masculine-feminine flats such as derby shoes, mocassins, richelieus. Real shoes with strings. Bulky, thin, both are great. Loafers too.

As for me, no need to shop. No unbearable shopping spree to find flats. Esp. since I’m not fan of shopping at all. I shop when I need but not because it’s sales. Plus, my good 41 allow me to skip the razzia over 39-40 size. Can wait the end of sales with tranquillity. Then, price become so light with those 70% off (it’s good to be me). Aaah! that was Europe shopping. Here in Mada, no sales.

Good ole 2001 stringed loafers... loyal and ready for the flat craze

Good ole 2001 stringed loafers... loyal and ready for the flat craze

Wearing flats goes naturally with me. I adore them. Have loads of them. For once, I’m like the hip girl of the moment, who knows exactly to wear. Anne et Gillian too! Both born under Libra sign, both Camper fans and flat fans in general. One is even nicknamed “Imelda Marcos of Flats”

The pic. No real need to show my feet but happened I noticed that three subjects on the pic was better than only a pair of shoes. So, here they are, my foot featuring in some obscur loafers pic. Isn’t it  N’est-ce pas le monde à l’envers, ça ?

Fanta orange polish… A craze for a Tangerine hue made me buy two bottles of  Fanta and Fuschia. They were a bargain in a Tana outlet. Meaning to mix both polishes to obtain this special hue***.

As I have to make room for the mix in one bottle, had to use one of them and glad I gave Fanta a try. First time I use it and I’m so used to Fuschia. Even feel like keeping some of it and not mixed into Tangerine.

***Oh yes! Why not buying this Tangerine polish, you ask me ? Happens that those two Orange and Fuschia bottles were on sales and cost me less than the Tangerine (other brand) one. Also, the process in mixing two colours to obtain a new hue interests me. The anguish waiting for the result, like “Will I obtain it ?”. Like, I’m the girl with too much time in her hand. Of  course I have a job, bag designing… among other things.

My ballerina flats


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