Mystic Green returns!

I’m so into revival and flashback these days.

Browsing a 2009 magazine made me realize that dark green & blue hues were then hip again… Violet, aubergine, I do understand. As far as I remember, the amethyst-purple tide has lasted more than a year. Even aubergine, berries have been a visual background in magazines winter editions for years, albeit lead by far by Chanel Vamp.

Green, Blue… not that fan of them. Besides, my fashion radar skipped this trend at its biggest: last winter in Northern Hemi. Certainly not blue. Still…

Then, all of a sudden, I remembered this Cover Girl’s Mystic Peacock I bought in 1999 in a dept store. I do remember why I bought it back then. A similar shade was gorgeous on a British friend on the campus. Seemed Brit gals were less shy, more edgy as well. For her, those blue, green and black shades (her goth background aside ;-). For me, the reds, plums, black cherries, similar to Vamp minus the Chanel tag. Then I saw this Peacock at the mass-market section of the dept store…

Mystic peacock, wore it twice in my whole life. Hence its still fluid texture, even 10 years after bottle opening. I know its BBD is widely overcome. However, end June, I was having fun… Here is the result:

At last, daring to wear it more frequently… A year after its biggest and eleven after I discovered it.

I know, summer 2010 trend is about grey, teal shades but I’m not that a fashionable chick. Rather the type that taaaaaaaaaaaakes time to scrutinize a trend then adopt if I’m OK with it. Also, inspiration is a key factor. Grey, I rather see it as a silk pochette… Shhhh. Some things stay the same!

Spring-Summer 2010 is said to be about mint, turquoise, tangerine, orange.


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