Bronze & Turquoise

Hopeless! this combinations keeps on haunting me… has been so since i saw it in a magazine months ago. Lately, the shopping spree has been quite hectic: raphia, silk, canvas… in this certain shade of green. In different hues, but still khaki. Wait and see… khaki accessories, you’ll have! Advertisements

Raphia, hazoala loops

Those are some of the accessories-textures,-materials on which I have been focusing lately. Those early morning shopping sprees at the craftsmen market (btw, it has nothing to do but I’m of the type who thinks that the early bird catches the worm). The time I wind up all those orders on hand and I’ll tackle … Continue reading

Vita malagasy… and almost mine

Was strolling in Isoraka area when I stumbled upon this croc gem on a window display. Nice! Love that thin padding. At first glance, the flattening wallet sprang into mind. The stroll was on my way back from a huge shopping spree at the craftsmen market. Found many reasons not to buy it, including this … Continue reading

MEriNa stYle in BlAck n WhiTe

I was walking by… on my way to a craftsmen market… and started taking pictures. Got inspired by a black and white series.

Quiz: Where in the city is the coolest Epibar ?

Happened to me the other day… While browsing the city, from up to down, from North to South, from East to West, I wondered “Why not ?”. Why not snapping pictures of those picturesque scenes, urban landscapes and sometimes off beat path Kodak moments ? Indeed, why not? since lately, my camera tends to “tag … Continue reading