Iron works… with Impulse buying

Things like these… love at first sight.

Strolling at Analakely Pavillons with the Man, my style radar spotted them. Quickly made a mental work on the figures in my wallet. Asked about the unit price, bargained. Bought 50 pieces, as many as the wallet could afford. Voilà!

The Man was like… thunderstruck “You were quick and you are so harsh at bargaining!“. Don’t know whether this kind, softspoken guy said it as a compliment. Not sure.

Anyway, it was an impulse buying… I’m now used to such impulse buying.

The beautiful iron pieces weigh tons and four months from the buying, still lay in a drawer chest. I’m observing them for an ultimate design, for the right moment, the perfect model to use them. As I haven’t found them yet, they stay where they are stored. Quietly. Iron works, I’m sure though it will be the first time I’ll use iron elements.

Now, wondering how many gals and guys are there surrendering such to temptations to leave the object of their desire laying in a drawer chest ?

Impulse buying.


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