Quiz: Where in the city is the coolest Epibar ?

Happened to me the other day… While browsing the city, from up to down, from North to South, from East to West, I wondered “Why not ?”. Why not snapping pictures of those picturesque scenes, urban landscapes and sometimes off beat path Kodak moments ?

Indeed, why not? since lately, my camera tends to “tag along”.

The first series of what we could find on our city walls…

Btw, which city I’m talking about ?

Check that style!

Chipa Chops, Nesflé, Lemur anglais, La Lémur rit… and what about the same ciggie pack under various names. Good Look has become Look Good, Mood Kool, Good Mood, Mood Look… No doubt, this épibar is quite edgy.

2 Responses to “Quiz: Where in the city is the coolest Epibar ?”
  1. Liliya says:

    I hope we will be able to visit those. Really enjoyed your article. Thank you!

    • Sy says:

      Not difficult to find. Not that obvious either since it’s not in a that touristic area but near a well-known bar-restaurant.

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