Vita malagasy… and almost mine

Summer croc platform, @ Chouchou & Loulou

Was strolling in Isoraka area when I stumbled upon this croc gem on a window display. Nice! Love that thin padding. At first glance, the flattening wallet sprang into mind. The stroll was on my way back from a huge shopping spree at the craftsmen market. Found many reasons not to buy it, including this obscure 5-year record (zero pair bought within the 5 years I’ve lived here, except the flip-flops and a pair of tennis shoes). Heheheh… trying to resist the temptation. But at closer inspection, found them exceptional: like airbrushed!

And above all, vita malagasy croc wedge sandals are so rare. And I need some elegant wedge to accompany my linen pants. Also, my voluptuous silhouette requires some alluring height. Sandal flats: you’ll find them everywhere at many price ranges. But, wedge! Alas, found some more reasons to buy them…

That’s without counting on a quite common concern of long feet gals over here… As with all those vita malagasy shoes, they don’t do my size (long 41). Each time I ask about my size, same old song “our atelier can do tailor-made for you”. Still, I’m that type who doesn’t like ordering as not sure they’ll reproduce the quality, the design, the details I’ve seen on that pair on display.

Big disappointment. So there was a bigger deterrent than a flattening wallet not to buy such gems (I love its allure, the thin croc skin)!! The locavore-wannabe is bound to buy not-malagasy shoes, then.

Now, for who familiar to that certain tv program, check the name of the store where I found them.

Chouchou & Loulou, la boutique


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