Madagascar Cotton

The Malagasy cotton yarn I use... in different colors

Whenever you see a knit or crochet work on this blog and that it’s said to be by Sy and in Malagasy cotton~(told ya, the mission is to go more and more locavore), do know that out there exists a large array of colours for this specific yarn. So, the cotton yarn work you’ve seen … Continue reading

Da leather beast… a purchase of love

What to say ? Unknown brand (cannot even remember it). A leather I adore, soft, supple but solid. Large enough to suit my silhouette. Can carry a lot (all?) and has lots of pockets. Very convenient. The first bag I bought with love. Before, I used to buy bags to fit so and so clothing. … Continue reading

Tank top

Vita malagasy Original Pattern: taken from a catalog; Adaptation due to the difference between pattern yarn and the cotton I used shows Malagasy cleverness, dedication and resourcefulness; Material: Malagasy cotton yarn (available colours: écru, pink, anis green, yellow, red, white, black) ; Labour: Malagasy hands Made it! You know what? Took me much more time … Continue reading

Behind the scene: shells

Beautiful pieces. Symbols of fantastic hols and that natural look. That's what you see!

Exotic. Cute, as style pieces. Or, simply, symbols of our days spent at the beach. Though, I’ve never managed to find nice pieces (bond to make do with chipped pieces and flat tek-tek shells). Ideally, pristine waters and clear sand. Sexy but natural. Imagine you in that white linen tunique-pant suit. With some shell necklace … Continue reading

Summer is there!

The reason I got busy with something on ther than bag designing. Orders come first but design cannot wait. Landed an order for a crochet top. Pattern came from a catalog. My Somacou cotton yarn being different in size from that one recommended in the explanation page, had to make some study. That is, adapting. … Continue reading