Horn : Looking For The Summer

For most of you gals out there, each season its new wardrobe’s main pieces. Just to give you an idea, in Autumn or at end of Summer, people flocking to stores for coats, wool stuffs, boots. In Spring, women indulge in exciting huge  shopping sprees for pastel colours: vests, (polo) shirts, pants, skirts, sandals.

Readying for the summer. Got to start that way!

For me, accessories are it***. In the past, while living in Europe, has been about scarves. Each season brought its share of scarves. Love that!

Jewelery… no season for rings, earrings… Mostly, brass silver.

Bags… Passion for bags has been channeled into bag designing. I don’t buy bags anymore.

For the recent years, while living in Madagascar, it’s still about jewelry. Though, less metal and more natural raw materials. Wood, horn, leather, croc…

My latest buy was this set of turquoise, coral and bronze horn bangles and rings. A simple white shirt would do, thank you!

Cool, isn’t it ?

Just amazing how three bangles and a ring get one enthralled about season change and the perspective of heat and sweat.

But… the ring was love at first sight. The rest is history (: The bronze bangle is an accessory to the ring).

The Man loves it already! Nearly had to snatch it from his auricular finger.

Love the way it fits my hand

A last pic of the ring on my finger:

It: the Ring

*** PS: Hey! Now I remember. While living in Europe, I did buy wool cardis and jumpers in autumn. How could I forget? Now, they’re stored in the drawerchest for months and do their coming out in … winter. Too!


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