Behind the scene: shells

Exotic. Cute, as style pieces.

Or, simply, symbols of our days spent at the beach. Though, I’ve never managed to find nice pieces (bond to make do with chipped pieces and flat tek-tek shells). Ideally, pristine waters and clear sand.

Sexy but natural. Imagine you in that white linen tunique-pant suit. With some shell necklace and rings. In shades like pink, white, sand, light blue, light green.

On my side, I see that pale pink and nègre piece. Only one, I own of this. Rare. beautiful. To match pink, white and dark brown shirts.

On my side too, I can see behind the scene. The not so glamourous side, that I dare to share with you (but would you like to read this?).

Shells bought at local markets stalls. Some peferctly eviscerated. How do they shell collectors do ? Risking “Do you boil them?”. Nodding means “Yes“. Twas nods as an answer.

Others are not eviscerated yet. They are trouble. They come with that special odour: a mix of sea and… And what. I use to call it the “rotten sea”. I know, the sea can not be rotten but that’s how I like to name it. Period. Seems they couldn’t get rid off the shells past inhabitants.

When soaked in water, they release impurities (either black and that can disintegrate either of this beigey shade and rubbery). One night, two nights. But given the persistent smell: not enough. More impurities come out (good!). Some remain smelly.

They deserve the ultime treatment: I boiled them with some founded fear: colors faded, the glaze of some pieces altered. But you don’t want to wear shells with faded colors, no? Or do you ?

Aaah! what to do then? Mystery! I’ll find a solution! Anyway, I’m looking for a treatment which will render them shock-resistant. Another way to make them retrieve their glaze is just part of the fun…  The weather is nice. All is right under the sun!

Beautiful pieces. Symbols of fantastic hols and that natural look. That's what you see!


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