Tank top

Vita malagasy

Original Pattern: taken from a catalog;

Adaptation due to the difference between pattern yarn and the cotton I used shows Malagasy cleverness, dedication and resourcefulness;

Material: Malagasy cotton yarn (available colours: écru, pink, anis green, yellow, red, white, black) ;

Labour: Malagasy hands

Made it!

You know what? Took me much more time to focus on the needed adapatation than on the crochetting itself.

Time, that is the most important wealth in our hand (after health, of course). The challenge is to make the most of it while having fun with our life.

Lucky me! For now, my work brings me concerns, solutions and satisfaction. Challenging. Forever.

Tank top ~ Made By Sy

Tank top... made it!

Click here to see possible colors for this crochet work.


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