Here we are! All By Sy models in a click

All By Sy prototypes under a click… Only pics but with links to individual intros to models. Just click on the pic of the model you’re interested in and you’ll get details (size, materials, possible colours… and sometimes behind the scene) I’ll update the page as development of one or another prototype unfolds. One or … Continue reading

Delicate little flowers and smoothness of silk

Shawl, scarf… preferably in silk. A style accessory. Found the material at a shop (shhhh… won’t tell!). Was love at first sight. Bought some meters for me. Home, my sis whom I showed it in the shop asked whether I could do something of it for her. Done! A piece of material, large enough to … Continue reading

Homeopharma products

    Am not paid to write this down. Just that, on the contrary of their Baobab face cream (a tad dessicating, for my taste, that I wouldn’t buy anymore), those two Homéopharma products are great. The Aloe body lotion is perfect for the heat and for my itchy skin. Apply it first in the … Continue reading

A tree, a pattern, a texture, a bag

Told ya! Nature inspires me. Case in point: ravinala tree… The traveller’s tree that originated from Madagascar but made its way around the globe. Hope the bag would have the same fate. One can dream, can’t one ? Setpoint: Patience before the final release

Home is…

Home is… Where I design bags, Where I keep my archives, Where I make part of my doc research (yeah! one needs to learn about those sewing, crochetting, styling technique, yes, styling too!),  Where I do crochet, Where I sew bags, Where I moonlight over a work, Where I test textures, techniques, Where I dream … Continue reading