And I used to think I was unique

Zara should thank Chloé. Don't you think ? 😉

Browsing fashion and bag blogs, how surprised I was by the reading of an archive post at bagsnob.

That the Paddington was the first ever of the itbags (at least those which deserved the use of that “i” word). I know, there were Kellys, Birkins, 2.55s and those bloggers certainly knew them. But for bagsnob gals, Chloé Paddington was it, the first ever itbag. The one which drove all girls crazy. Even me! Aaah! and I used to think I was unique.

Rightly, this model (and da black leather beast ) was the first ever to make me love bags.

Before them, I used to buy bags to match so and so look. Either casual, either classical, either the-working-gal look…

With Chloé Paddington, the interest for a bag was an intrisical one, for that bag in particular. Not anymore to match with outfits and looks. To match with nothing. Just the bag. Its cuteness, that zillion gals had coveted. And which only a few happy could afford.

By way of it, I bouth a similar model at Zara (to be carried at the bend of the arm). That was 5 years ago. Even this orange one was seldom worn, rather preserved. It has even “paid a visit to” the shoe repairer, for a leather treatment with… horse fat.

Horse fat or the leather bag’s paraffine!


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