Home is…

My makeshift studio-outlet

Home is…

Where I design bags,

Where I keep my archives,

Where I make part of my doc research (yeah! one needs to learn about those sewing, crochetting, styling technique, yes, styling too!), 

Where I do crochet,

Where I sew bags,

Where I moonlight over a work,

Where I test textures, techniques,

Where I dream of my studio-boutique, a real one, in the city. Near of everything and far enough as I’ll be surrounded by my own world: my music, my favorite smells & tastes, people I love and that peculiar work ambience I’d long for.

What do I know ?

Location ? Still unknown. In the city center, for sure.

Size ? Ideally big enough to fit a studio-cum-outlet.

Style ? And you think I’m going to tell you.

OK, for sure, there will be flowers

Will there be a Bougainvillea ?

Tea. Lapsang, Po Nee, Earl Grey, Chai… whatever but loose!

Bags. No tea bags however



Fashion Accessories


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