Homeopharma products


Homéopharma products


Am not paid to write this down. Just that, on the contrary of their Baobab face cream (a tad dessicating, for my taste, that I wouldn’t buy anymore), those two Homéopharma products are great.

The Aloe body lotion is perfect for the heat and for my itchy skin. Apply it first in the morning and that’s it. Don’t have to apply a second time in the day. And I know what I’m talking about since with other lotions (of other brands since this is the first Homéopharma lotion I use to test), a second one was usually needed.  Plus, it’s not greasy. I’d prefer it without the fragrance though. Yes, I have this concern to prevent a deo-fragrance mismatch. Picky, eh ?

Alamo (Iron alum) deodorant: To change from the deo sticks I use to use, and because alamo is very efficient as anti-perspirant, I was looking for an alamo formula without the dryness induced by the application of diluted alamo (alamo + water) as I used to do as a teen. I bought this one (right on the pic) at a Homéopharma shop in the city. There were naturally scented formulas (vanilla, ylang ylang flowers, lime… as far as I could remember). And I chose the un-scented one, for the same reason above. Home, how I was surprised by this soft scent. Smelled like verbena. I checked the label to see whether I mistook a secented formula for the un-scented formula (my purchase). There, I read that alamo was combined with other local plants oils (niaouli and geranium) to potentiate its anti-perspiration actions. No mention of lime nor vanilla nor ylang. OK. So, what I recognized as verbena could be niaouli & geranium summary, then.

Then, the natural formula was not that un-scented but it’s a scent I use to like. Still remember that long childhood period I constantly asked my Dad to buy verbena plants for our garden. I loved it so much, the smell of verbena leaves I used to gently crush in people’s gardens. To think, when we paid visit to family, it wasn’t that uncommon my Mum watched after me and told “Don’t touch leaves” or “Leave leaves alone”. lol

No verbena home but it’s on my list for that day when I have my own place and a garden, or at least a aromatics patch.

Aah! life is good!


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