There! Framboise (raspberry) + Grenadine (the red of the berryfruits mix syrup) Red and pink… so close Hence the need to enlighten the pic. Just a hint of white separates them. It’s where my meanderings r&d led me. A work on raspberry soup (with a hint of cream) + red flowers.  The combination will be … Continue reading

Pochette ?

At last! I know… Has been ages since the bona fide stylish chicks of this world wear pochettes (the trend is even prolly gone, by now). Thing is, took me years to love la pochette. Then, some time to get inspired to design my first pochette model. That day (about two weeks ago), orange velvet … Continue reading

Gasigasy & Stylish-to-be

This young chap… on a hot November at 3.30 pm… I don’t know… kind of like his style. Rain boots and Chinese peasants strawhat with training pants. Oooh! and Pink-framed sunglasses. Wondering how it gonna be in ten years… View from a window at the Man’s place.


For a barrette. That was yesterday. I so loved this barrette & it suited me. Me, my strong, thick and curly hair. How it went smoothly, after years of trials with other smaller barrettes. Poor things, they coulnd’t stand the thickness. Then, this loyal friends was left aside when I acquired some confidence to sport … Continue reading