For a barrette. That was yesterday. I so loved this barrette & it suited me. Me, my strong, thick and curly hair.

How it went smoothly, after years of trials with other smaller barrettes. Poor things, they coulnd’t stand the thickness. Then, this loyal friends was left aside when I acquired some confidence to sport loose hair. That was 2001. Years later, 2007, cut it out… The metallic barrette was lost to finally find her place in my jewelry box…I retrieved her while “paying a visit” to the jewel box storeys. I do this, once in a while, to see, to edit, to remember about a look, a detail, an accessory that may have been left aside.

Now… I still remember that day. Brussels, Evita Peroni stand ina dept store. She was there! Waiting for me to pick her up.

Loved and still love her  way shabby chic (?) design, kind of hammered but not really. Love this silvery finish. Like antique silver.I do talk about”silvery” because I’m not that sure it is silver although it was quite heavy and the price tag!!! Oh yes, the price tag. One thing, it is not plastic although fantastic.

What i loved most was this contrast between my straightened hair and this rough appearance.

A nostalgy of this accessory. But not of my untamed, savage hair.

Now, you, tell me. Do you have a longtime fave accessory that has known such a fate?


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