Pochette ?

At last!

I know… Has been ages since the bona fide stylish chicks of this world wear pochettes (the trend is even prolly gone, by now). Thing is, took me years to love la pochette. Then, some time to get inspired to design my first pochette model.

That day (about two weeks ago), orange velvet inspired me for this first ever try. I wanted this design to be a day pochette (evening pochette? nice but too classical).  I see those gals in straight dark denims, thick-wheeled shoes (ousted the stiletto, not too high. Loafers and maryjanes: ok, low & ankle boots, too… in dark colours matching the denim). A not that loose top (grey/white t-shirt, white, pale blue shirt) … And for chilling temps, a thin wool cardi… grey cashmere would be nice. The finishing touch, a day pochette of my design. Make-up, tone it down please. How do you see that ?

For now, schedule is tight but I’ll come over. With a flawless model. Well, all I can say now is that with this day pochette, your stuff won’t be wet (hello Marlboro light gals!). lol My preference goes to maxi-pochette, not tiny at all. The feel is of a supple leather (albeit in canvas and corduroy). How I hate the cardboard pochette feel.


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