In my dreams, a gold lace cuff…1

I know, spring 2011 would turn out to be a jewelry-softie. “Room for oher accessories such as scarf to be worn zillion ways, shades, bags, belts…“according to Filipa Fino from That’s not counting on this weird brain and, ho ho, this season we’re basking in: end of year celebrations’… The brain is haunted by … Continue reading

Oh boy!

This busy life. Should play Warsp once in a while, instead of Speed-Speed-Speed. To do manucure. While I’m eager to go for a pedi (do it myself), the mani is… nearly out of sight. What to say, I do crochet a lot these days (working on an order of this item: my ninth bag design). … Continue reading

9. Love!

Love! That’s its name, or Amour! (cliquez pour le texte en français) When I realized that the end was near, after those months of worrying, designing and crochetting, I started thinking of a name for this model. Won’t argue about the need for dubbing my designs. Hey! they are my babies! Sooooo…. Began searching. “Eventail” … Continue reading