9. Love!


That’s its name, or Amour! (cliquez pour le texte en français)

When I realized that the end was near, after those months of worrying, designing and crochetting, I started thinking of a name for this model. Won’t argue about the need for dubbing my designs. Hey! they are my babies!

Sooooo…. Began searching. “Eventail” or “Fan” was so obvious given the patterns of the crochet work. Trouble is, Eventail – Fan was  already the name of the first Greenmorpho- By Sy bag design ever. Remember ? Anyway, must have a thing for fans… Don’t know.

Well, I do know. As I wrote once in another post, I love ravinala trees and they are that inspired me to work on these patterns.


Then, on a fine clear day, I remember… oh… so well the time, the pain, the worrying, the discouragement that came with this particuliar model. This model has known weeks of “left-aside-status”. Happens when tired of the intricacies of a peculiar model, I just leave it aside to work on another model, on orders…etc… in the hope of clearing out my mind and getting back to it refeshed and renewed. It  like work-left aside status-work-left aside status-work… *Sigh*

Told to myself “gotta love this model to invest yourself that much in it“.

Yes, Love! it was.

Now, would it overcome celebs crazes Gérard Darel’s 24h Syracuse and its Baby variation ? Seen on Angelina (beige & grey), Cameron (yellow for her), Penelope…


Love - detail


Height: 44 cm

Width: 37-44 cm

Depth: 10 cm approx.

Strap length: top secret… I’ll explain why.



– Lining: solid natural cotton of Madagascar… as the lining is meant to support all the weight of the bag content, the crochet work being just an ornemental envelope.

– Accessories: all a Greenmorpho tote can have (make-up bag + keyring)

3 Responses to “9. Love!”
  1. Hey! Il est cool ce sac pour l’été^^
    love it!

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