In my dreams, a gold lace cuff…1

I know, spring 2011 would turn out to be a jewelry-softie. “Room for oher accessories such as scarf to be worn zillion ways, shades, bags, belts…“according to Filipa Fino from

That’s not counting on this weird brain and, ho ho, this season we’re basking in: end of year celebrations’… The brain is haunted by the vision of this cuff. A glamorous pic of it in an old  2009 edition of UK Harper’s Bazaar I recently retrieved from its cache. That I eagerly browsed. Again.

Ah! but this cuff will reconcile me with this lace to be worn “above” (as opposed to lace on “under”wear, which I used to prefer… so far).

Designed by a jewel genious whose outstanding designs used to be rather simple but inspired and modern. The cuff would be reportedly made from a cotton lace that was dropped into 18-k gold… You see, it will suit my very classical, sober and almost minimalistic attire. Here is wherer my dreamings lead me.

Now, as I cannot afford it (not even in the far futur), I’m seriously thinking of having it made by local jewelers (not immediately, though). I can imagine those brahmans who are used to very thin intertwining. Or another bijoutier, other than a brahman, which would be adventurous enough to try the technique. Nice, eh ?

Now: who designed this cuff ?

lace cuff – pic from net-à-poter


This post is the first of the “In my dreams…” series . Things, attires, situations, ideas which keep me haunted… long enough to inspire me to post about them.


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