Fuschia YSL lipstick… Iconic, isn’t it ?

Spot the fuschia lipstick

Lately, I’ve been thinking of creating a new category of my favourite style classics. That’s the new ICONIC category… under FASHION REINVENTS ITSELF… I’m pretty sure this classification is acute as, imho & in my books, no style element can be considered as iconic if it’s not a classic, if it can’t survive these fast-changing trends  in fashion… or it can’t live the million lives our decades try to steal to it.

So, it’s no surprise that a Yves Saint Laurent creation takes the lead as it is one of my favourite style elements. Safe and efficient. Read and you’ll get it… [The below text is one I wrote for a travel website under its Parisian shopping tips… in 2006… I guess here is its best and most appopriate place].

*… It’s all about a lipstick. YSL n°19 is amongst mythical beauty products. Very hip in the 80s when bright colours were popular, the deep fuschia shade is amongst my favourite ones. What can I say? I am amongst the happy ones who can afford sporting both fuschia lipstick & blush without looking like a clown!

As a teen, I used to tint my lips with a fuschia lip pencil (not YSL though). Guess where the idea came from ? From a picture of a YSL collection model wearing a fuschia silk blouse & black pants. lol. I wore my fuschia with jeans & khaki pants. When the nude look took over the 90s minimalist & brown era, fuschia was not fashionable anymore. It resisted, spotted on the canvases of the confident faces, those who managed to keep their own allure & style whatever the trend. Years 2000, we are back into colours and glam make-up. Robert Plant girls with their charcoal smoky eyes & red lips are hip again. At same time, the pink wavetide hit each side of the globe. Fuschia ? It is not coming back. It had been a timeless shade (Fact that YSL used to maintain #19 into its ever-changing collections goes to show it), fashion-vistims had just rediscovered it. It is hip again.

Real women of style? They knew about which shades suit their style & remained loyal to them (the shades, not necessarily the brands). Thank God, the true style world doesn’t use to be this secular as in the past anymore. Wear red, nude, pink, plum, everything but be true to & confident in yourself !

This creamy Fuschia now is worn with smoky eyes in black, purple, blue hues. There must be some balance however. Do I need to say I love make-up ? 20-25 euros for lipstick;Around 30 euros for duo eyeshadows.

I didn’t mention but I have a Biotherm lipstick in deep fuschia too… rather moisturizing and less creamy, less covering than the Saint-Laurent #19. Serves as a daily fuschia lipstick whereas the YSL is for more glamorous looks.


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