A beginning

For some time, I’ve been into bag designing. In 2006, it started out as a fun pastime and lately, my interest in it has grown. So have those of my entourage towards my “babies”.

Then, december 2009, I decided to not go jobhunting anymore and make my passion a work. What can I say ? Bag designing has become a passion AND working for a boss other than myself has never been the brightest of perspectives for me. LoL. Here I am, working hard and playing even harder.

Yeah!!! First phase, working on the models: drawing and designing on paper and thinking about the materials, the accessories. Then, materials researching and shopping (I guess, it is called Sourcing for who in the know). Other than materials, there are those accessories to shop around: the yards, cabanisters, zips, loops (D, Squared, Circular…), eyelets… to shop around. My opinion ? They DO make a bag.

Then building the prototypes (what a job!), i.e, cutting, assembling. Finally, touting around with my totes, purses, hobo bags to test consumers and my partners (in crime!). The hardest part, I guess… “Got to be tougher!”, “shorter”, “wider”. “Wrinkles! got to review your sewing technique!”. “Gotta”, “Gotta”, “Gotta”…

I have plans for this business though I’m still in the test step… Testing the market (s), the pricing, the place. The only thing I’m sure of… is about communication. Wordofmouth… for a long time.


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