Morpho is a tropical butterfly, found in the Americas. Usually of a iridescent blue hue. Gorgeous.

Greenmorpho blog is that of a girl who loves bags… and esp. creates them. She lives in a tropical island, Madagascar. In her early life, she worked in finance and marketing.  Now, she gets enthralled by bags that she will try to turn into the main object of this blog.

Blue morpho epitomizes, in her opinion, stars. Star bags. Not necessarily exclusive but successful. As her babies are not it yet, they are here, in another world of green morphos. That’s GREENMORPHO.

[Now, beside speaking of myself at 3rd person, I foresee questions like “Why a butterfly ?”, “Why Green?”… My answer to both: “Why not”. After all, Butterfly is beautiful. So is green which is not that far from blue.]


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