9. Love!

Love! That’s its name, or Amour! (cliquez pour le texte en français) When I realized that the end was near, after those months of worrying, designing and crochetting, I started thinking of a name for this model. Won’t argue about the need for dubbing my designs. Hey! they are my babies! Sooooo…. Began searching. “Eventail” … Continue reading

Pochette ?

At last! I know… Has been ages since the bona fide stylish chicks of this world wear pochettes (the trend is even prolly gone, by now). Thing is, took me years to love la pochette. Then, some time to get inspired to design my first pochette model. That day (about two weeks ago), orange velvet … Continue reading

Here we are! All By Sy models in a click

All By Sy prototypes under a click… Only pics but with links to individual intros to models. Just click on the pic of the model you’re interested in and you’ll get details (size, materials, possible colours… and sometimes behind the scene) I’ll update the page as development of one or another prototype unfolds. One or … Continue reading

Madagascar Cotton

The Malagasy cotton yarn I use... in different colors

Whenever you see a knit or crochet work on this blog and that it’s said to be by Sy and in Malagasy cotton~(told ya, the mission is to go more and more locavore), do know that out there exists a large array of colours for this specific yarn. So, the cotton yarn work you’ve seen … Continue reading