Oh boy!

This busy life. Should play Warsp once in a while, instead of Speed-Speed-Speed. To do manucure. While I’m eager to go for a pedi (do it myself), the mani is… nearly out of sight. What to say, I do crochet a lot these days (working on an order of this item: my ninth bag design). … Continue reading

9. Love!

Love! That’s its name, or Amour! (cliquez pour le texte en français) When I realized that the end was near, after those months of worrying, designing and crochetting, I started thinking of a name for this model. Won’t argue about the need for dubbing my designs. Hey! they are my babies! Sooooo…. Began searching. “Eventail” … Continue reading


There! Framboise (raspberry) + Grenadine (the red of the berryfruits mix syrup) Red and pink… so close Hence the need to enlighten the pic. Just a hint of white separates them. It’s where my meanderings r&d led me. A work on raspberry soup (with a hint of cream) + red flowers.  The combination will be … Continue reading

Here we are! All By Sy models in a click

All By Sy prototypes under a click… Only pics but with links to individual intros to models. Just click on the pic of the model you’re interested in and you’ll get details (size, materials, possible colours… and sometimes behind the scene) I’ll update the page as development of one or another prototype unfolds. One or … Continue reading

Delicate little flowers and smoothness of silk

Shawl, scarf… preferably in silk. A style accessory. Found the material at a shop (shhhh… won’t tell!). Was love at first sight. Bought some meters for me. Home, my sis whom I showed it in the shop asked whether I could do something of it for her. Done! A piece of material, large enough to … Continue reading