9. Love!

Love! That’s its name, or Amour! (cliquez pour le texte en français) When I realized that the end was near, after those months of worrying, designing and crochetting, I started thinking of a name for this model. Won’t argue about the need for dubbing my designs. Hey! they are my babies! Sooooo…. Began searching. “Eventail” … Continue reading


There! Framboise (raspberry) + Grenadine (the red of the berryfruits mix syrup) Red and pink… so close Hence the need to enlighten the pic. Just a hint of white separates them. It’s where my meanderings r&d led me. A work on raspberry soup (with a hint of cream) + red flowers.  The combination will be … Continue reading

Madagascar Cotton

The Malagasy cotton yarn I use... in different colors

Whenever you see a knit or crochet work on this blog and that it’s said to be by Sy and in Malagasy cotton~(told ya, the mission is to go more and more locavore), do know that out there exists a large array of colours for this specific yarn. So, the cotton yarn work you’ve seen … Continue reading

Tank top

Vita malagasy Original Pattern: taken from a catalog; Adaptation due to the difference between pattern yarn and the cotton I used shows Malagasy cleverness, dedication and resourcefulness; Material: Malagasy cotton yarn (available colours: écru, pink, anis green, yellow, red, white, black) ; Labour: Malagasy hands Made it! You know what? Took me much more time … Continue reading

Summer is there!

The reason I got busy with something on ther than bag designing. Orders come first but design cannot wait. Landed an order for a crochet top. Pattern came from a catalog. My Somacou cotton yarn being different in size from that one recommended in the explanation page, had to make some study. That is, adapting. … Continue reading