For a barrette. That was yesterday. I so loved this barrette & it suited me. Me, my strong, thick and curly hair. How it went smoothly, after years of trials with other smaller barrettes. Poor things, they coulnd’t stand the thickness. Then, this loyal friends was left aside when I acquired some confidence to sport … Continue reading

Homeopharma products

    Am not paid to write this down. Just that, on the contrary of their Baobab face cream (a tad dessicating, for my taste, that I wouldn’t buy anymore), those two Homéopharma products are great. The Aloe body lotion is perfect for the heat and for my itchy skin. Apply it first in the … Continue reading

And I used to think I was unique

Browsing fashion and bag blogs, how surprised I was by the reading of an archive post at bagsnob. That the Paddington was the first ever of the itbags (at least those which deserved the use of that “i” word). I know, there were Kellys, Birkins, 2.55s and those bloggers certainly knew them. But for bagsnob … Continue reading

Da leather beast… a purchase of love

What to say ? Unknown brand (cannot even remember it). A leather I adore, soft, supple but solid. Large enough to suit my silhouette. Can carry a lot (all?) and has lots of pockets. Very convenient. The first bag I bought with love. Before, I used to buy bags to fit so and so clothing. … Continue reading

Horn : Looking For The Summer

For most of you gals out there, each season its new wardrobe’s main pieces. Just to give you an idea, in Autumn or at end of Summer, people flocking to stores for coats, wool stuffs, boots. In Spring, women indulge in exciting huge  shopping sprees for pastel colours: vests, (polo) shirts, pants, skirts, sandals. For … Continue reading