Gasigasy & Stylish-to-be

This young chap… on a hot November at 3.30 pm… I don’t know… kind of like his style. Rain boots and Chinese peasants strawhat with training pants. Oooh! and Pink-framed sunglasses. Wondering how it gonna be in ten years… View from a window at the Man’s place. Advertisements

MEriNa stYle in BlAck n WhiTe

I was walking by… on my way to a craftsmen market… and started taking pictures. Got inspired by a black and white series.

Quiz: Where in the city is the coolest Epibar ?

Happened to me the other day… While browsing the city, from up to down, from North to South, from East to West, I wondered “Why not ?”. Why not snapping pictures of those picturesque scenes, urban landscapes and sometimes off beat path Kodak moments ? Indeed, why not? since lately, my camera tends to “tag … Continue reading


Once in a while, during those urban meanderings of a country gal (you know, she who sings « %iI go to the city only when needed, I wrok-breath-sleep-laugh-love-walk better home, in fresh air %i” ), happen to tumble into those picturesque ad sometimes romantic scenes. For instance, this  plaque… Old school Marketing***. Below, a photo … Continue reading